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  • Intro to Urwid

    A Python library for Terminal User Interfaces by Joseph Carboni As someone who does customer service and builds software, I’ve been building a backend API ( to handle certain services. […]

  • Beyond Basic Spreadsheets

    Crafting Styled Spreadsheets with openpyxl If you have ever seen the inner workings of the typical small to medium-sized business, you’ve seen a deeply disturbing and upsetting reality. The backbone […]

  • From problem to Python

    From problem to Python

    Developing a website monitoring tool By Joseph Carboni This is an example of using an acute business problem as an opportunity to use Python for a helpful solution – a […]

  • Fun way to learn the Python Standard Library

    People often ask how to learn Python at the PyATL meetups. They often learn the general basic syntax of Python and are a little lost as what to do next. […]