Partner Program

pyATL believes that having access to a vibrant community is the foundation of continued growth for both individuals and organizations.

The pyATL mission is to build a network for pythonistas to meet and learn about everything python. pyATL invites your organization to join the pyATL community by participating in the pyATL Corporate Partner Program.

The goal of the Industry Partner Program is to connect organizations who use the Python programming language with the pyATL community. The program is completely free to participate in and offers an alternative to typical recruiting efforts. It’s a great way to find new talent or learn about new trends in the market.

Here are the benefits of partnering with the pyATL community:

  1. Connect with skilled talent who may be interested in joining your organization.
  2. Promote job openings at group events at no cost ( job openings can be announced during the announcements section of pyATL meetups and on pyATL social media accounts)
  3. Learn about bleeding edge technology and emerging trends in software development.
  4. Collaborate with the pyATL corporate outreach lead in the search for candidates
  5. Be featured on the pyatl web properties as a partner
  6. Share python related news with the pyATL membership.

As a partner, here are ways you can participate in the pyATL community:

  1. Have your staff present technical talks at our events
  2. Have your recruiting team attend our events
  3. Promote pyATL events within your organization
  4. Hosting a pyATL event at your Atlanta area offices (in the case that the organization has Atlanta locations)
  5. Sponsor special pyATL events
  6. Share any upcoming contracts or request for proposals (RFPs) with our membership

Join today by sending an email to or subscribing to our membership page. Come by an event and say hello to any of the organizers. We will be happy to collaborate!