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Starts: Dec. 3, 2020, 7 p.m. - Ends: Dec. 3, 2020, 9 p.m.

PyATL Jam Session

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Note: all Jam Sessions will be held online on our Discord instance until further notice. We hope that will be able to meet all of you face to face later! The event will be hosted on the PyATL Discord channel; the link will be displayed after you RSVP.

What is a Jam Session? https://github.com/pyatl/jam-sessions/wiki

Jam Session meetings are intended to be hands-on, collaborative experiences with your fellow PyATL members. Programmers of all experience levels are welcome! We will be meeting from 7pm to 10pm to work together on a coding challenge or on any project you want. We recommend bringing a laptop with you, optionally with Python installed (but the coding challenge does not require it).

Each month we provide a coding puzzle or exercise that is designed to be accessible to novices to Python, but that also provide additional challenges for more advanced users. We use the online platform at https://www.cyber-dojo.org/ to run the challenge and share our solutions with each other.

The Jam session is also a safe space to work and ask for help on any Python project. Bring your own hobby projects, a work project, your new startup idea - whatever you like. Or come along and see others are working on, and sit down with them! The organizers will be there a bit early to help introduce people, organize, and make sure everyone is comfortable.