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Some places to learn python

July 24, 2020

Some places to learn python

By Ian Mizer

    If you're like me and you're on this site then you're probably interested in python. Well as a person who has learned python entirely by searching out his own education, I thought it was about time to share some of the places that I've found. All of the links that I will be posting here have also been posted on the learning-resources channel on the pyatl discord so if you're looking to get more updates on this subject then just head there. Just a little information about me on this topic: If I have to pay for something then that thing better be so incredible that it's benefits as an educational resource should outweigh any ability I may ever have to learn what it has to offer. If it isn't then it's heresy and I'll move on. Which is why I will keep things that you have to give money to use down to the bare minimum

this is the currently compiled list of sites that have good free or reduced cost information on python.

python.org peps

You can't make a list of python education without telling people to read the peps. If you read nothing else then at least read pep 8 once. You don't have to follow any of the guides religiously, but having an awareness of all the peps will help you in any python projects you work on.


The Python Wiki beginners guide for programmers

I have been to the python.org website several times to look at new information about the language, read the peps, and look for big events about python, but I had never seen this. I have been informed by a man named Scott Harden of a wonderful resource that python already provides. Everyone will always recommend that you go directly to the sources that the language creators offer first.


Hitchhikers guide to python

This place is a wonderful information hub for commonly used libraries, IDE's, and text editors that the python community offers. While it isn't a complete list it is a good list that will inform you on much of what has been built for python as a language by its wonderful community.


The official Python Reddit Discord Learning resources page

If you've ever googled python discord then you've probably found this place. While not as personal as PyAtl tends to be, they do keep a very good list of educational resources on hand. As well as a list of good Editors and IDE's


Humble Bundle Book Bundles

This is one of the best places to find low cost books for any kind of programming. While, at first glance, it might seem like it's here to sell video games if you scroll down or look deeper into their bundles you'll often find a wonderful collection of 15-30 books on programming for less than a dollar a book. The greatest part about it is that any purchase you make goes to the charity displayed at the top of the bundle.


Free Code Camp 300 hour python courses and more

This website is great for learning web development. For learning python it is good, but not the most amazing. The Python lags behind its html/css/javascript courses as they will mostly have you doing videos and answering multiple choice questions. The second half of the 300 hour courses are more hands on. If this helps you learn the language then that's great, but the start of these python courses are more akin to lectures and the end are more akin to class assignments.


Real Python

This place is a site for podcasts, tutorials, videos, quizes, and more. They will ask you to pay for the more, which is a great idea for some people. This is also an idea that I absolutely refuse to accept and don't find valuable enough to be worth my time



I reviewed a Python based book made by this website a little while ago called "Python One-Liners" and while doing this review I found their website. Finxter is great for testing out your python skills and challenging yourself to know the outcome of every line of code you write. The rest of the site requires money and thus is intrinsically worthless to me and I have never used them.


Packt Publishing

I am 100% positive that this is a place that sells books, but I have never actually "Purchased" a book directly from their collection. I can say that the books that I now possess are fine. Though I did get all of them either through the humble bundle or off of their free book a day collection so I couldn't really say if paying full price is worth it. What I can say is that this publisher tends to have a huge amount of authors constantly filling their library. Because of this Packt Publishing has been called hit or miss. So I would stick with the free or incredibly reduced cost version of anything they're selling.


O'Reilly Media 

This publisher is considered by many the gold standard for book publishing in computer programming. If you've taken a comp sci course in college then you will have certainly heard of this publisher as you were forced to purchase from their collection. I don't buy books directly from the publisher, I get them from humble bundle because 1000 pages of education for less than a dollar is just cheap enough for a person like me.



Doing data science? Doing Machine Learning? Wanting to become a SQL monkey, but don't have enough unique data to fill your servers with? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the website for you. Kaggle comes with free to use data sets and a good tutorial for all of your python data needs. I cannot sing the praises of this site enough. It's free, has a good python tutorial, gives data for free, shows how people did analysis on that data, Has a jobs page, has a documentation page for notebooks and competitions, it has regular data science challenges for money, and it's free. This site is great for anything with a requirement for data.


Deep Lizard

This website seems focused on teaching you buzzword topics like Cloud, Blockchain, and Machine Learning. If you're looking to fill your head or your resume with all the buzzword worthy information  then the courses on here are free and they have some later courses on FreeCodeCamp's youtube channel. 



This website is a wonderful site for learning every aspect of data science. Includes using all of the main libraries including pandas, pytorch, matplotlib, and more. Currently it's offering 1 full course in data science, but I expect that to expand while the site creators work on expanding their subjects and topics. With it's first course offered for 6 weeks of education I expect it go do some good things if it expands.


Dive into Python3

after a chat with a slack that I'm in someone mentioned to me that there is a book called "Dive into python3" by Mark Pilgrim, which gives its contents out for free to read. This is basically a free introduction of python in book form. This free book starts off with your typical python programming "Hello World" and brings the reader up to porting python 2 ideas into python 3 and using python 3 packaging.



Since I could do an entire post on podcasts I'll link to that post later or build it here. Either way if you enjoy podcasts then plenty of people couldn't recommend podcast.__init__ enough


Youtube channels

Stanford (For Machine Learning and Comp Sci Courses)

M.I.T. (For Machine Learning and Comp Sci Course)

PyData (For interesting talks on Comp Sci Subjects)

FreeCodeCamp (For 8 hour tutorials)

ComputerPhile (For Comp Sci information from across the ages)

TensorFlow (For the TensorFlow Library specifically)

Traversy (For Web Development Specifically)

Pycharm (For the Pycharm IDE and other JetBrains IDE information)

Two Minute Papers (For the bleeding edge of computer science)


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