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Big Peach Progress Report - v1.1.0

July 24, 2020

This is our first official report of our custom meetup group management system called Big Peach. This app leverages Python3, Django, and Bootstrap4. It is completely written by PyATL members and was started by yours truly. Big Beach is released under the MIT licence. 🙂

You can see Big Peach's code on PyATL's github.

The plan is to create a progress report for each release.


More Content

PyATL member Ian Mizer is always sharing really great links on our Discord instance. I asked him to share those awesome things here in the blog as well. You will start to see more content posted every other day. Stay posted (and subscribe to our new RSS feed).


Open Source Contributions

First off, I want to thank Doug Hellmann for his contributions. Doug added RSS and iCal feeds to the app. He also setup Travis, flake8, and added some solid unit tests.

We welcome contributions from the community. Simply open an issue for all to discuss your ideas.


Blog Updates

The blog posts will now show the newest posts first. I personally made the mistake of not setting that up correctly the first time. 

The blog also now has pagination. We hope to improve the pagination experience soon with some Bootstrap components.



I personally fixed an annoying issue that was introduced by myself. This line was corrected to use environs list method instead of my ugly hack.

Flake8 is now run to ignore error E999. Without that it fails on f-strings. This is a temporary workaround. Will be fixed in a future release.


Thank you for all your support and see you in the next event!

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